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Enjoying the rainy season..”If there could be someone special……..”

Sometimes i get distracted when i see most of my blokes have someone to spend a nice rainy day by talking over phone or what they like to spend the moment.Then i realize that i may have someone special who will care,love me like there’s no tomorrow and i love her like the way she would love me..We will spend a great evening together by drink tea and listening to the drops of the rainfall.But yet none has anchored in my heart’s shore.I do love the rainy season very much ,though most of the person don’t like it as it brings suffer to the people going out for work.I have fright to get involved with anyone now for no reason..Sometimes i feel girls are very much eccentric..Sure they are.They want security and shelter,care.Despite, I am enjoying this rainy day by surfing and gossiping with friends and watching sitcom and with family. It’s a another enchantment spending time on your own.


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