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My love-An urge

O my love, o my love.
I saw you today with your little eyes
Urges my heart that you’re my princess
In my heart’s thrine.

O my shorty o my shorty.

I’m longing for you o longing for you.

You wore a pinkish dress and staring at me and i’m impressed.

Hoping you’ll be my princess in my heart’s thrine.

I’ll love with all my heart. Hope you’ll love me with all your heart.

She was looking amazing. And that time my heart was palpitating.

My heart urges o my love be mine forever.


Heart broken

When a heart breaks like a glass
It’d be impossible to get a bless
Everything goes like a mess
When it’s not even to play a chess

When a heart breaks it’s out of control
Things feel like pouring petrol
Everything went like immortal
Not it’s time to be repented

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