Monthly Archives: December 2013

Leisure !

My all courses have been completed. Now it is leisure time. Maybe it is the best leisure of my lifetime. Nothing to do just skimming through on and off of some write-ups in the forum regarding technology in order to enhance my insight. I have changed myself a lot. Now , I hardly come outside. Actually i don’t feel like going outside. The past is killing me really. I can not get over it. Sooner or later, i have got to get over everything . In sha Allah everything will be alright. I have somewhat wrapped up everything regarding sharing of what i know. Because i have found that people never look at me as courtesy. It is not a must. Ha ha ha ha . I do not care. However, it gives me some pain when I notice that they do not care me as courtesy but whenever they need me badly they hanker after me. I always help others. Now i think maybe i am a cheap person. I do not search for help from those whom i once do not get assistance as if they veigned to deny. Despite i help my best. I am trying to change but somehow i am not successful yet. All is selfish. That’s all for now

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