Monthly Archives: April 2016

Taken for granted

When you are honest and sincere, you are taken for granted.It is the perpetual truth that good people has no value in this selfish world. The world is selfish , people have been busy with their own interest. It should be. But it should not have an adverse effect to the other person surrounding the victim. However, for last more than few years i had been experiencing this kind of behavior from my surrounding people. Even now i have been experiencing it.The people think they win over the victim; but not they do not indeed.The enterprise has not provided me the benefits based on my potential and contribution to the enterprise.Alas! i am taken for granted.



Hello there!. it has been a long time. I have been doing my job for more than two years. Yet i can not get rid of my obsession. i am still obsessed with my very known fact. It is as if i were into it. And it seems to be forever.


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