Midterm exam ended

7th semester Midterm examination has been done today. My study has been worsening off since the day I heard the ‘ hurtful talk’ . A real change occurred in my life which I never think about. Our teachers has anounced today that our 7th semester final exam will be held in January next year. I haven’t yet got over all that. It’s so hurtful for me for sure. I don’t know how I’ll figure out my exam. Even I haven’t started off my project. I’m not sure about my project. ‘What I should do as project’? is haunting me. Anyway pray for me.


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  1. You think the exam to be too late or too early? Although I don’t really know who are the remaining teachers in the department, You have probable options like smart sensor systems for Internet of Things(IoT..for e.g RFID), micro-controller based -real life applications, Networking related topics…Think of something you would like to implement as a project… Anyways, I’ll be free during Christmas for a month..you people can mail me then..I might be able to help.

  2. Assalamu alaykum madam . Hope you are well. Runa madam has informed us that the 7th semester final exam will be held this January next year. We’ve as usual but some new teachers including a professor Dr. Riazul Islam teaching us Microwave Engineering in the department, one of them recently left to BCSIR but he is teaching a class a week Wireless Communication. We’ve not yet started our Wireless communication lab. It’s very disappointing for us i think.i informed RFid prepaid energy meter but it’s costly i gave that up. I also told our teacher regarding Link budget calculation for 3G, but the teacher told me that i can’t be a project. Later, i tried to decide to do GMSK modem implementation using MATLAB, but we weren’t taught MATLAB.So i feel insecure in doing that. Meanwhile i signed up to SPARRSO project, one of our teachers took this initiative. Anyway, i’m left out finally eventhough i was able to make him understand about what i’d like to do. I decided to do FM transmitter. But i’m tensed about perhaps, it won’t granted as final year project because it’s done usually as mini project. So i’m confused. Pray for me. Ok Madam take care.

  3. Dear Sabbir, try to do some fun thing (project) instead of doing bullshit project. if u are going to do some implementation based project than choose one that u can complete as u desire.
    if u are looking for a job after bsc. than do some telecom things, dont go for electronics. if u have interest in professional things than peak a project related to them.
    good luck.

  4. What projects Farook sir is offering? Are you given with a list of projects? And don’t worry about the size of the project, it’s more about the standard writing and presentation…If you can present even a small thing in an effective manner, It should do fine.

  5. Thanks. is there any project you suggest? @little

  6. Thank you Madam. Yes we’re given a list of research topics and the respective teacher under it. But we ain’t given the full name of the project list. It’s like topic as such, communication Engineering under Zinath Madam. Electronics, communication, network management software under Farook sir. QoS, Bandwidth Management, compression technique under Mizanur Rahman sir. Meta material, design and fabrication under Dr. Shahida Rafique madam etc…so there is no clear outline of the project. What’s the standard size of the project Madam? Ok madam pray for me . Take care

  7. Is it Ok to do project ‘GMSK modem implementation using MATLAB’? Is basic MATLAB enough to do this project? Need a outline. What materials must be placed in the project paper? Thanks

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