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Got oover

I think i got over..Thanks to allah..


Desired “Antenna and its Parameters ” Presentation hereby Published

I hope you will like it…

Don’t forget to comment Antenna and its parameters

thank you

New Site

Hello guys I am going to launch a new site particularly for the session of 2007-08..the website is under construction..I need your assistance for the development of the site..

Leave your comment here what materials can be kept on this new site ,,the address of the site is IST department of ECE session 2007-08



Hello everyone,,It’s holiday,,Enjoy the weekend,,


See my Facebook :P

Check it out…You will be amazed

My own Presentation on Antenna will be published Preety soon

Good morning all

Presentation on Antenna and it’s parameters will be published soon

Stay tuned

Take care

Post your comment regarding it

My presentation on 8259

Hello I think some will like it,,,8259

Just Be it

I have nothing to do but letting all be it..So be it..Whatever happened i have to forget..Everybody is for himself..
Actually what happened maybe was bad for me,,,Something good is awaiting for me in the near future,,May Allah bless me

Learnt a lesson…Need to lessen the lesson,,,Eventually it needs to be stable and forgetting all

Heart broken

When a heart breaks like a glass
It’d be impossible to get a bless
Everything goes like a mess
When it’s not even to play a chess

When a heart breaks it’s out of control
Things feel like pouring petrol
Everything went like immortal
Not it’s time to be repented

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