Just Be it

I have nothing to do but letting all be it..So be it..Whatever happened i have to forget..Everybody is for himself..
Actually what happened maybe was bad for me,,,Something good is awaiting for me in the near future,,May Allah bless me

Learnt a lesson…Need to lessen the lesson,,,Eventually it needs to be stable and forgetting all


About Md Shabbir Hasan

I am a B.Sc(hons) in Electronics and Communication Engineering gradauate.My institute's name is Institute of Science and Technology. I like surfing net. I like sharing knowledge regarding Science and technology etc..which interests me I have strong interest in IT, Software, Working as a Software Support Engineer in Foreign Consultancy firm named SLMS. I train , support and implement ERP system .

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  1. thats rite.. keep believing in Allah..
    he has a beautiful plans..

  2. hmm…Allah is almighty..

  3. Really True…. 🙂

  4. Good
    But please explain “Need to lessen the lesson”

  5. it means so that I can have less lesson in my life..bitter lesson @Aman

    I think you have got me..Haven’t you

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