Recent updates

I have joined in a foreign IT company on 16 February, Everything was final on 7th FEB. My joining was 14th FEB ; but due to Project final presentation it delayed.


8th semester exam has been rescheduled the new routine is click here


8th semester final exam will be held from 10th November the routine is as follows:



  • 10/11/2013 ECE-411 Information theory and coding



  • 13/11/2013 ECE-412 Biomedical Instruments



  • 17/11/2013 ECE-413 Network security



  • 21/11/2013 ECE-423 High Speed Telecommunication



8th semester Model test exam going to be started on 28th September



  • 28/9/2013 ECE-411 Information theory and coding



  • 1/10/2013 ECE-412 Biomedical Instruments



  • 5/10/2013 ECE-413 Network security



  • 8/10/2013 ECE-423 High Speed Telecommunication



8th semester form fill up has been finished. Classes has been suspended in the campus on 25th September 2013


Our teachers told us that the form-fill up date announcement will be given by NU this week


Yesterday on 2nd September i felt so good and relieved


8th semester project report submitted on “Study on 4G tech:LTE-Advanced”


8th semester poster presentation done on “Biomedical Instruments” course


6th semester result published I got only 2.96 and my CGPA is 3.05


7th semester lab practice class will be started from 22nd April,2013

7th Semester final exam from 4th April to 16 April, 2013

7th Semester Model Test exam going on

  • 12/2/2013 Control Systems


  • 17/2/2013 Microwave Engineering


  • 19/2/2013 Computer Networks and Internet


  • 23/2/2013 Wireless Communication Systems


  • 25/2/2013 Industrial Management


Annual Picnic on February 13th,2013

Form fill up finished 10th February 2013

7th semester class begins from 23th August 2012

6th semester final exam from 30th May 2012 to 17th june

6th semester model test exam going on from 28th April,2012

Radio Colony trip by ECC will be held on 14-15 March,2012.I won’t join the trip

ECE session 2011-2012 orientation and class begins on 10th March, WELCOME TO IST,dept ECE

6th semester final exam is supposed to start this March 2012 ,but yet no circulation

6th semester Midterm exam ends

Picnic on 8th February I won’t take part

Not attend the ” Field Trip to Radio Colony” By ECC

I am on my own

I am irregular in classes

My 6th semester classes going on

Attended a seminar on “ECE and Job Prospects in Bangladesh” Conducted by Ekramul Faruk ,Head of dept. ECE,IST

On Vacation for eid ul adha till 12th November

6th semester class begins

5th semester lab exam ends

Learned Windows Server 2003 as a Web server using IIS service

Lab practice going on due to NU the exam might be prolonged …

My 5th semester final exam ends

My 2nd semester improvement result has been published i got 3.12..My year GPA is 3.21


Got 75% scholarship in web development of Creative IT Scholarship 2011

I have started my 5th semester class.

I am doing a short training on

Linux and Ubunto installation procedure on 12th and 13th February Short Training detailsclick here

I am also participating on

“information system for business” workshop on Saturday 12th february,2011

  1. good job bro…keep it up……

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