Suggestion of Industrial Management (continued)

11.State the advantages and disadvantages of decentralization.
12. What are the sources of organizational conflict and how should be solved?
13.what are the reasons for using groups , committees and team?
14. Define leadership.
15. Define motivation.What are the factors of motivation?
16.Explain the Maslow’s needs hierarchy theory.
17 Compare and contrast Maslow and Herzberg theories of motivation.
18.define marketin management. What is marketing mix/what are the element of marketing mix?
19. How do develop marketing strategy. Discuss?
20. What are the tools used in sales promotion?
21 why sales promotion is important for an organization.
22. What are forces that affect the changes of managers and organizational development?
23.Define Technology Life Cycle. Graphically describe TLC/process of TLC.
24. State the elements of cost and reasons for cost planning and control.
25. Define Break-even analysis and cost-benefit analysis, investment analysis.
26. Define Budget. Features /characteristics of Budget.
27.What are the merits and demerits of Budgetary Control System?
28. Write the objectives of Budget.
29.difference between flexible and fixed budget.
30. How can you prepare and Budget?

N.B. Incourse question +Model test question included.

Given my the course teacher.



Suggestion of Industrial Management course.

1.Define Management. Describe the function of management /managerial functions.
2. Explain the characteristics of excellent companies.
3.why is Fredrick Taylor called the father of Scientific Management?
4. What do you mean by management theory jungle?
5.Discuss the characteristics, limitation and implication of
–Managerial role approach
–System approach
—Reengineering approach
— Management Process approach
6. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of narrow span and wide span.
7.What are factors that influence the span of management/supervision?
8.Explain the key aspects of reengineering
9.what are the power of a manager?
10. What is delegation of authority? Why authority is delegated?

……to be continued

Semester exam

At last our semester final exam to be held in April . Our teachers told us January, February, then March. But the National University puts in April. What a jokes! However, pray for me.

The Spring peering

The spring season has come today…:D WELCOME SPRING.The country is celebrating “1st Falgun”(first Bengali month of Spring season) with great festive.

Welcome Welcome

Movement in Shahbag for 9 Consecutive days

Today is the 9 consecutive days passing in Shahbagh Projonmo Chottor in the capital.The movement is against the verdict of the Rajakars ,specially kader Mollah who betrayed in our liberation war. There is a website for this and it is Shahbag.

We want capital punishment for all anti-humanist and betrayal

Be puzzled

Be puzzled…


How did you celebrate 12.12.12?

December 12th,2012 was really a special day.We will get this day after 100 years.Many people made this a special day.Many spent the whole day with their loved one..Some spent the day with their family having tour or picnic.Some also got married on this day,especially the celebrity made this day a successful to get their loved one in their life for good.

For me it was neither good nor bad.I spent the time as usual .I went to campus and attended the classes although one class had been taken on that day.I’d rather say a boring day and hectic as well than usual.How did you celebrate the day?


Midterm exam ended

7th semester Midterm examination has been done today. My study has been worsening off since the day I heard the ‘ hurtful talk’ . A real change occurred in my life which I never think about. Our teachers has anounced today that our 7th semester final exam will be held in January next year. I haven’t yet got over all that. It’s so hurtful for me for sure. I don’t know how I’ll figure out my exam. Even I haven’t started off my project. I’m not sure about my project. ‘What I should do as project’? is haunting me. Anyway pray for me.

Affection- what i need

I’ve searching for a long time.
Affection ain’t a matter of time.
When a heat falls for and says the person is yours. All you gotta do is move forward to get your girl toward you. Remember affection ain’t a matter of time. It comes automicaly. When two hearts entwine, the high time for the love. It needs not be expressed. It must be got . It’ll be revealed. Someday you’ll find what you want if your heart is honest. That’s what you need is trust. When trust gone everything gone. So be true to your beloved person. Take care and be happy

Enjoying the rainy season..”If there could be someone special……..”

Sometimes i get distracted when i see most of my blokes have someone to spend a nice rainy day by talking over phone or what they like to spend the moment.Then i realize that i may have someone special who will care,love me like there’s no tomorrow and i love her like the way she would love me..We will spend a great evening together by drink tea and listening to the drops of the rainfall.But yet none has anchored in my heart’s shore.I do love the rainy season very much ,though most of the person don’t like it as it brings suffer to the people going out for work.I have fright to get involved with anyone now for no reason..Sometimes i feel girls are very much eccentric..Sure they are.They want security and shelter,care.Despite, I am enjoying this rainy day by surfing and gossiping with friends and watching sitcom and with family. It’s a another enchantment spending time on your own.


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