Suggestion of Industrial Management course.

1.Define Management. Describe the function of management /managerial functions.
2. Explain the characteristics of excellent companies.
3.why is Fredrick Taylor called the father of Scientific Management?
4. What do you mean by management theory jungle?
5.Discuss the characteristics, limitation and implication of
–Managerial role approach
–System approach
—Reengineering approach
— Management Process approach
6. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of narrow span and wide span.
7.What are factors that influence the span of management/supervision?
8.Explain the key aspects of reengineering
9.what are the power of a manager?
10. What is delegation of authority? Why authority is delegated?

……to be continued


About Md Shabbir Hasan

I am a B.Sc(hons) in Electronics and Communication Engineering gradauate.My institute's name is Institute of Science and Technology. I like surfing net. I like sharing knowledge regarding Science and technology etc..which interests me I have strong interest in IT, Software, Working as a Software Support Engineer in Foreign Consultancy firm named SLMS. I train , support and implement ERP system .

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